Thursday, January 08, 2009


In case you didn't know, I tend to stay up late on Wednesdays and it makes me a little loopy by the time I turn off the laptop.
So here goes. When I was reading to Madge tonight I couldn't get over the way the word "plinth" felt in my mouth. Say it. See? (I also stumbled over the proper pronunciation of "brazier," but that's another issue.)

Plinth. The word: Plinth.
I wonder what I'll do with it
And how impressed you'll be
When I do get through with it.

I tried to make it rhyme....
What a plinthing waste of time.

Since rhyming is too hard

I gave it some more thought
and this is what I got.

The Romans and the Greeks
were architectural freaks.
They thought frolicsome fun was bad
so any happy free space they had,
they went and made it solemn
by planting endless columns.
That's why they say:
(now please forgive me, it's very late in the day)

"Give them a plinth, they take a yard."

Okay, I concur.
As puns go, that one's dumb.
So, would you prefer
"Someday my plinth will cumb"?

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