Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Coco Tuesday

Coco loves going to school and said today that he wants to sleep there, too. I asked how and he said he'd bring a sleeping bag.
But unfortunately the new DS - darn that Santa, who tends to bring the toys which we, the parents, frown upon - is making him a bit of an irritable zombie when he's not in school.

My five-year-old acts like a teen:
He never keeps his bedroom clean;
Says, "Gmmphmmnn know what I mean?";
Drinks soda till his teeth turn green;
Has angry spells with pouts between --
Because of that Damn Screen.

But when he's off of the DS,
He's just a kid: his room's a mess;
Says "Hunh" for "what?" and "no" and "yes";
Has quite a sweet tooth, I confess;
But LIKES TO CUDDLE (more or less) --
Because of that incess-
ant tweedle doodle eedly boodle meedle meep meep bshh bzzt xchip pluup grink blink bloobeedoop iggledabonk finally finally FINALLY
giving me a moment's ress-

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