Friday, March 02, 2007


I've noticed a certain lack of levity here lately. (Now you know how much I need Julie around.)
Yesterday I had my first subbing gig in a local high school.
Too many images and thoughts accumulated in this novel situation to properly relate in this short time, but here's something that happened.

Girleequa: How old are you?
Me: Let's just say I'm in my thirties.
G: You look as old as my sister.
M: Okay.
G: My sister's thirty-six.
M: Yeah, that's about your sister's age.
Femaleeshia: Oooh. He's slick. You bein' slick, ain't you? He think he slick.

They're really not dumb. At all. But for some reason the period between the two World Wars isn't what they want to be studying at this hormone-filled stage of their lives.

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