Friday, March 16, 2007

Madge, the watchdog

This morning, in front of school.

A mom: Good morning!
Me: Hi!
Madge: Who is SHE?

Yikes. I swear, Madge heard the exclamation points. Any wonder I occasionally feel smothered?

The continuation:
Me: A mom who picks up at the same door I do. Her kid is in the same grade as you, just in a different class.
Madge: Oh.


Julie said...

Good to know that Madge is on the lookout for that blonde bimbo all the other parents seem to think I should be. That's my girl!

Megan Frampton said...

Wait--was that me? I'm not blonde!

Goedi said...

Now, now.
Yes, Megan, it was you. And, from what I can tell, you are neither blonde nor a bimbo.
But you were unknown to Madge and the fact that our tones were more friendly than just "Oh, hi" set off her jealousy meter.
So, Julie, you're fine no matter what.
But, man, I have a feeling she'll be screening Coco's future partners big-time.

Trent said...

Back when I knew her, Madge was 3 going on 17. She must be acting in her 20s by now. So who is the blonde bimbo?

Goedi said...

the "blonde bimbo" is a mythological creature. She appears only out of the corner of one's eye. Once you face her straight on, she disappears into someone else's pocketbook.

But, really, she's someone I made up (though Julie added the "bimbo" part, to me she's more Scarlett-Johanssonesque) as an answer to "Oh, you're the mom." My answer: "Yes. Please stay quiet about the blonde you usually see me with."

Julie said...

Since when is Scarlett Johanssen NOT a bimbo?

And Trent, Madge is definitely 7 going on 22.

Megan, I didn't mean to imply you're a bimbo.

Goedi said...

Since, uh, since...
Wait. I know this one.
Aw, c'mon, since she's had the wholesome Scandinavian last name.
No, wait. Can you rephrase the question?
Or at least make it multiple choice.
Now I know: Since she didn't sleep with Bill Murray in that Lost in Translation movie.