Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Coco Tuesday

More art. Two pictures. One is a work in progress, one is the final product. Coco starts by drawing fire, the red stuff. Then he says he’s a fireman and covers the fire with water, the blue stuff, and peace and order is restored. Of course that’s only the artist’s point of view as translated by me. You are free to make of these what you will, just start associating ideas with the colors red and blue (some ideas: hell, heaven; flesh, mind; strawberries, blueberries; sale items, full price; teacher’s corrections, editor’s suggestions; etc.).

Finally. Yesterday Madge had a moment in which she wished she didn’t have a brother, that she was an only child, etc. On the way home from Coco’s school, he wanted to go by the Cat Clinic, where you can see the boarded animals in a window. He saw one and said, “Let’s buy that one. Baci needs a sister.”
I haven’t told Madge yet because she was pro-sibling again after school.

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