Thursday, March 08, 2007

conundrum: n. see parenting

It's the little things that get to you.
Next week we get so sign up Coco for pre-K. Sounds easy. But of course they want documentation. The first is funny to me, an "unpaid utility bill." All I need now is a note from the school to the electric company as to why I'm delinquent.
The other is an immunization record, which shouldn't be funny but has become ironic (though not funny to me) because Coco is home with a fever, which means I can't go to his doctor as I wanted to pick up his immunization record, because he'd think we're going on his account and, really, he's not that sick (and as we all know, he's tired of doctors).
In short, in case you missed it:

Gotta go to Coco's doctor.
Can't, though, because Coco's sick.

Okay, now I can laugh about it, too.


green clementine said...

Again, as a non-American reader I will ask a silly question: What's pre-K??? (pre-Kindergarten? but surely Coco is too old for pre-Kindergarten stuff!)

Maybe I should get a TV after all, and watch American programms!

Goedi said...

Things don't translate, for some reason. I know Germany goes from Kindergarten to Vorschule to First Grade. Here it's preschool, then pre-K, then Kindergarten, then First Grade.
Coco just seems old.
I'm not sure any TV will tell you this info.