Saturday, March 17, 2007

some press

Who knew?
I thought I sounded smart, suave, and witty during the interview, judging by Ms. Yost's reactions on the other end. Now I'm not so sure.
The result is a brief contribution to an
article in the Arizona Republic. (For the record, it's not "my favorite limerick" it's "my favorite limerick to tell other people when they ask me for a sample." There's a difference.)


Goedi said...

I just read the limerick in the article.
Let me write the correct version here (with some pronunciation guidance):
Maid MArian sighs in dismay,
"I can't GET Robin's arrow to stray.
Much as I lead him on,
he preFERS Little John.
It's too BAD all the good ones are - "

Julie said...

good thing I have this blog to keep me up to speed on what's happening at home. Why didn't you tell me you were getting some press this weekend? Or did you try to and I didn't pay attention? Congratulations - I love you!

Anonymous said...

see, I just knew the cadence was off somehow, and was worried our friendship was over. Whew. CONGRATS on being a nationally-quoted NY writer!!! PAULY