Thursday, March 22, 2007

subbing today

In one of the classes a girl asked me, without irony, I swear, "Hey, mistah, c'n I axe you a question?"
"You like WHAM?"

I have no idea how to take that question. Little does she know that I followed them around when they were still playing small clubs, before they got a big contract and "sold out."

(Also, what's a band like WHAM to kids born in the nineties?)


Julie said...

You're joking, right? You didn't really like WHAM, did you?

Or was that not the point of the blog? Somehow I'm stuck on it.

Goedi said...

No, silly.
The joke was supposed to be thinking of WHAM as a local indie band.
Oh, well.
But they are an annoying group. All you have to say is WHAM and your mind goes, "Jitterbug..."

Megan Frampton said...

I think she asked you that because WHAM! is quite possibly the whitest band ever. Maybe the Proclaimers take the top honor, but WHAM! is right up there (yes, I liked them. I did not wake anyone up before I went-went, however).

Goedi said...

See, I wasn't sure if they take an exclamation point or not. Thanks for clearing that up.
I thought she might be going the white boy route, but it might also have been that I was seeming a bit, well, fey. You never know.
But the weird thing was that she seemed to like them. It's not as if she had said, "you like polka music?" and then laughed maniacally.

Trent said...

Whiteness or gayness are probably better guesses, but my first thought was that she was trying to point out that you're OLD.

Goedi said...

But touche. (Or, as the Smothers Brothers say, "Touchy, touchy.")
I did have their first pressing wax cylinders, after all.

Trent said...

The Smothers Brothers? Phil Phil Phil...even Wham is cooler than the Smothers Brothers. Be sure you don't mention them when you're subbing.

Goedi said...

Aw, c'mon.
"Michael row your boat ashore...or you'll lose your deposit."
What could be cooler?