Wednesday, April 19, 2006


As the members of my family know, Wednesday night is Limerick Night. It sounds like a bar promotion I'd shy away from, but it happens to be what I do.
Well, I also schlep two kids around. Currently I do this the entire day because they're both on Spring Break - which has entirely different dimensions for the three- and six-year-old crowd.

(Though, if I may mention this in an aside, the dimensions took an awkward turn this morning when BoyBoy woke up with a bit of a, well... and came out of his room screaming, "Make it SMALLER, make it SMALLER!" Now, it's impossible to explain anything in detail to a three-year-old, let alone one who is screaming about problems some people wish they had. But GirlChild tried anyway, patient angel that she can be, saying some unintentionally and awkwardly flattering things about me and then explaining to him that he's growing and he's going to be a big boy just like his daddy and that this is what he wants, right? A valiant, but ultimately unsuccessful effort, partially thwarted by unexplained parental snickers and snorts. Things eventually calmed down after the focus was diverted by some shiny object or other.)

Anyway, I was trying to say that today's post (and Wednesday posts in general) would be shorter than usual. I was just going offer up a cute quote I found somewhere and get out. Here's the quote:

Many women want to dream with men, while not sleeping with them. One shall expressly alert them to the impossibility of this endeavor.
- Karl Kraus

That's it for today. Off to rhymeland.

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