Thursday, April 13, 2006

Me 'n' Sammy, a blogging pioneer

So, pretty cool, huh. Another blog out there. Or in here.
I guess this is my equivalent of a mic check. One, two; one, two. Test. Test.

I had grand ambitions to reinterpret Samuel Johnson's first essay for The Rambler, an early paper-type blog deal sans links, methinks. But I don't think I can do any better than he, so I'll just quote him.
Let me just say why I went to his essays, never having read any of them before today: I have been haunted by a vague memory of a quote of his, something about blockheads and writing and money and the lack of receiving any. Blogs are giving stuff away, right? And writers want to get paid, no? Eees a puzzlement.
Anyway, I've also been held up by a lack of a plan, or, rather, too many plans, for which I have high expectations, but also fear they might fail. I want to brag and apologize at the same time. And this my newfound friend Sammy has covered:

But whether my expectations are most fixed on pardon or praise, I think it not necessary to discover; for having accurately weighed the reasons for arrogance and submission, I find them so nearly equiponderant, that my impatience to try the event of my first performance will not suffer me to attend any longer the trepidations of the balance.

(Okay, I really just wanted to quote that because I have fallen in love with the word equiponderant. Mental note: use in spoken sentence without sounding like a complete pouphe.)
So, consider this blog launched. We'll see what happens.

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