Friday, April 28, 2006

Goin' to Vegas

I’ll be out of town through Tuesday, May 2. My brother-in-law is getting married in Las Vegas, so we’re off to joust at the Excalibur.
I'll be "Clothed in white samite, mystic, wonderful."
(Where's that quote from, huh, Edsel? Anyone? I'm quite proud to have read the whole thing, and a little bit ashamed for how hooked I got on it. The line I quoted shows up often; it was starting to irritate me. It turns out I'm more of a nerd than I'd like to admit.)
Wish me luck keeping the kids reigned in.
There will be new stuff here on Wednesday.
Meanwhile, enjoy what I’ve put here so far (I tried to give a little extra – I’d say lagniappe, but I’m not from there – last night and this morning).


e. shell said...

how can i not know from whence the oft repeated line is sprung! why, the tome that contains that pome also contains a poem with my beloved's name!
{the line from your poem that jumped out at me was one that has current political overtones-- to wit: "The King is sick, and knows not what he does."}
buy the bi, the best one-armed bandits on the strip are at circus circus, by the turning platform!

eggshell said...

i forgot the most important item, and therefore this post script: in spanish the author's name translates into: "diez + hijo." (i use the plus sign because it is equal to the "y.")

Goedi said...

yes, it does. but maybe you'd like to make it diezz + hijo.