Wednesday, April 26, 2006

a favorite author

Someone recently asked my wife who my favorite author is. How do you answer that? It would have to be a writer who strikes such an agreeable chord in you that you will forgive his or her lesser efforts and still seek out more. I really can’t answer that question with a single name.
I will say this, though. I’m very much inspired by Roy Blount, Jr. As a matter of fact, he’s one of the main reasons I got hooked on WWDTM.
If he were ever to ask me to write a blurb for him, which is highly unlikely given my lack of fame and ensuing inability to help a book’s sales, I would say:

While other authors merely seek a taste of le mot juste, Roy Blount, Jr. serves up le mot au jus.

But now, looking at it, I’m not sure he didn’t write something along those lines himself. (Oooh, I’ve written myself into yet another problem. I’m either unwittingly plagiarizing him or unduly flattering myself.)

Speaking of blurbs,
the band he’s in is pretty good at writing them (and other things, too, obviously).


Anonymous said...

What band is Roy Blount, jr. in? So do you no longer count Paul Auster in the top 10? Now I'm afraid I'm hopelessly out of touch!

Goedi said...

To find out the band (Rock Bottom Remainders), click on the link, silly. Their site is quite funny. You'd enjoy it.
And Auster isn't really out, but after going to the book-signing for Timbuktu I didn't really keep up with all of his new releases (and I was a bit disappointed that his publishers seemed to want unload all his manuscripts, notes, and besmirched cocktail napkins on his fans).
But now that I've seen him and his red scarf twice (be still my beating heart) in "our" neighborhood, I might have to catch up with missed reading.