Saturday, April 22, 2006

Another quiz

Okay, this is what is generally called a lazy post, I think.
It's another literary contest. This time, it's a whole sentence, not just two words. You get to guess the author again. (It wasn't short story, and I'm not actually done with the book, but the sentence stuck out.) Good luck:

Only the scum of the population do it [i.e., abuse or oppress a Chinaman] -- they and their children; they, and, naturally and consistently, the policemen and politicians, likewise, for these are the dust-licking pimps and slaves of the scum, there [i.e., in California] as well as elsewhere in America.

Subtle, huh.
Chris, I'm counting on you to get it, unless Eggshell noses you out (Go, Edsel!).
Same prize, of course. What else do I have, to offer? (I'm worried about that last comma, but I think it works.)


Anonymous said...

so I know what the book is but I think if I answer I'm cheating. I've actually seen Philipp reading the book recently. But this may be my only chance to win. No way could I have guessed the Flannery O'Connor bit. Too high falutin' for me.

Goedi said...

Hey, anonymous. If you want a poem from me, go ahead and venture your guess. Judging by how many books I have laying around with bookmarks stuck in 'em, your odds aren't that great. You read the Flannery O'Connor story, too, after all. At least I saw you reading the book it was in. If you're waiting for a better prize, well, I might be able to negotiate something with you. I'll have to ask my wife first, though. (If I were the type to use emoticons, I'd put one here, probably the winking one.)

e. shell said...

this here's a rough one dude! i'm getting out my ouija board to see if i can't rustle some cantankerous spirit to help me out! wait a minute: i see "an english-made brown silk umbrella." and this line comes to me: "the summer seas flashing in the sun;" which brings me melancholy to contemplate, for it reminds me that the coldest winter of my discontent was the summer i found out the godickies were leaving their hillside lair for the lure of the big apple. all this i have suffered and seen with "the eyes of flesh, not the unsatisfying vision of the spirit." wait, wait:
i see the round table and a base ball game (back then it wasn't "baseball" yet)! am i getting warm, blogmaster?! jumping frogs, the name's on the tip of my tongue . . . . but then i'd want a haiku-- would that be cool? mark my words-- and never the twain shall meet!

Goedi said...

I think I need to give it to the eggman (goo-goo-g-joo). But it seems he doesn't want free poetry. I'll check in again. Extra points for the allusive way of giving the answer.