Monday, April 24, 2006

cute kid stuff - skip if that sort of thing isn't for you

One of the billions of reasons why Madgie (6 ¾, in case you forgot) is so cool, this is an excerpt of her “All About Me” book, started in school today, finished at home at her desk, with the help of her little assistant, Coco (3 ¼).
(I will keep the original spelling and punctuation, and will supply clarifications in brackets.)
[First image:] What I look lik … /I have long yellow/ hair pink dresses/ and high heels/ and cowgirl boots/ and rain boots! I/ have slipers and/ snow boots and/ some … Comfy Shoes!
[Second image:] I have one broth-/er and No Sist-/ers! I have no pets/ becase my cat di-/ed becase ……. It was/ Old! My brother/ has short blond/ hair!!!!!! His favrite/ coler is blue!!!!!
[Third image – the sideways Rothko:] I’ell let you have t-/here [three] chances/guesses/ ok people? Good lets/ continue you had/ there [three] chances\gusses/ right? My favrite/ colers are ……………/ PINK AND/ PURPLE!!!!!!

And, as a kicker for all Madge fans, a typical moment in our home. I’m off-stage, folding laundry (really).
Phone rings.
Madge: I’ll get it! – Hello? – Julie Norris isn’t here. She’s still at work. – There is no Mr. Norris. There’s a Mr. Goedicke. – Why don’t you just leave a message? – Okay. Bye.
All in a sing-songy Schweikian “naïve sincerity.” (The descriptor in quotes, by the way, is also from the mystery book and author from the last quiz. Does that help any?)

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