Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Me 'n' New York

I’m still new enough to New York to find these posters in restaurants weird. Who did Henry Heimlich (his parents should have gone with the full German name Heinrich Heimlich) have to bribe to get this kind of publicity? Really, the posters are displayed anywhere you eat, showing something for which my mother would have scolded me. “Philipp! Not at the table.” “Why, mom?” “Because I said so.” “But” “Sorry.”
I’m just wondering why they don’t just put up signs that say, “Chew Your Food!” or, “Masticate, dammit!”
I guess New Yorkers are in too much of a hurry.
Which reminds me. Those signs telling employees (and customers, indirectly) to wash their hands: what are they doing by the sink? Shouldn’t they be by the urinals or on the door?

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