Sunday, April 22, 2007

Madge Monday

Madge's school is having a "Turn off the TV" week, which includes no computers. It's really a "for god's sake, let something other than pixels entertain you for a while, maybe even interact with your parents in a non-demanding way" week. Or "let's see how you survive this torture without breaking your parents' wallets from all the new toys you'll need to be distracted" week.
Of course Madge insists that I play by the rules, too, which means that I'm not allowed to use the computer this week. I said while she's awake, but she wants stricter adherence. We'll see. So I'm posting this Monday in advance. There's no new WaitWait this week, so it might actually work, though I still need to communicate, right?
Only email, maybe.
The occasional blog entry if something really funny happens.
But that's it.

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