Thursday, April 12, 2007

Holy Bleep!

When the cousins were here, I rode this thing with one of them.
Perfect April weather. A balmy mid-thirties. Snow flurries alternating with a brisk wind and sunshine.
A Nathan's hot dog rolling around my small intestines - not sure which egress to choose.
But, whoa, what a ride. I looked it up, the steepest incline was something like 56 degrees, but I could have sworn it was perpendicular. My camera dropped out of my inside jacket pocket during the ride and had somehow made its way out of its case as well.
If you come here, you gotta ride this thing. I recommend a cold day because there were no lines.
Bring diapers.

1 comment:

green clementine said...

I did that kind of stuff in my time but I am sure I still would...

My last time was at Liseberg park, when I lived in Gothenburg. I was forced to by peer pressure. I would have been quite happy just to take the pictures really!

Glad to know you enjoyed it though!