Sunday, April 22, 2007

Coco Tuesday

The manipulator let his colors show in a spectacular way tonight.
He was about to brush his teeth when he asked for a glass of milk. I said okay. He realized that the girls were folding laundry and talking and having a good time, so he went to them and said "I help Mommy" to me. I said okay. Next thing I hear is Julie's voice. "Coco. Stop jumping on the bed. You're messing up the piles." "Okay. Sorry, Mommy." Pause. "Coco! I told you to stop jumping on the bed." Then it struck me; he'd been yanking my chain again. I stomped back to the bedroom. "Coco! You said you wanted to help Mommy. You're not helping Mommy at all." He made his crumpled-injured face and hugged Julie tightly around the neck. Then, mid-hug, he turned his face to me, smiled and stuck out his tongue.

I had to go into the bathroom to keep him from noticing how hard it made me laugh.


Anonymous said...

Your grandmother use to wash my tongue with soap for sticking it out or saying bad words. I think I may have done it to ├Żou several times as well.

Goedi said...

I think you may have, too.
Didn't f%#king help, though.