Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Madge Followup

She actually asked me for my Collected Shakespeare and took it to bed with her. She started with Romeo and Juliet. We'll see how she likes it.
Quick question to you: Montague, Capulet - which of these is Juliet's surname?
(I had to look it up, too.)


Mike McClenathan said...

If the Semisonic (yeah, the Closing Time guys) song is to be believed, she's a Capulet.

Anonymous said...

Leave for England tomorrow, wrote down about Madge and Shakespear to tell Johnahan he'll get a bang out of it. Maybe I should buy Madge some really British books for her birthday.

Goedi said...

And the prize goes to Mike McC!
Weird, though, isn't it? The sound of it, I mean: /-et /-et
I think the names sound better switched around.
Romeo Capulet
Juliet Montague
(to reiterate: this was the wrong - non-Shakespearian - way)
But what do I know.