Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Coco Tuesday

Half days at school get pretty crazy around here. Disgruntled parents frantically juggling their schedules and amped up kiddies excited about a quasi-vacation.
We had some lunch and rented Star Trek episodes (the first appearance of Khan) and then had soccer later in the afternoon. Not a bad day except for the unpredictable weather. It came down HARD this morning. Right as we were about to leave the sky turned from 8:15 am in Brooklyn to 10:45 pm in Krakow. Weird.
When we went to lunch I let Coco go to the bathroom on his own because we had already gone together and he just wanted to go rearrange some things.
"Why do you need to go again? Do you just want to wash your hands?"
"Noo-wuh. My peenuss feels like its stuck to my pants."
"Oh, go ahead."
The operation took a while and I went over to listen at the door two or three times. When he finally emerged he looked relieved and said he felt like he might never have gotten out of there. Apparently his hands, after washing, were too slippery on the door handle. I recommended using a paper towel on the handle next time.
He didn't get cranky but took it stride. "Oh, good idea, Daddy."

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Anonymous said...

How cute, the things parents never think of-slippie soapie hands. Granny