Friday, June 26, 2009

last pre-kids-at-home day

Yesterday, Thursday, was my last day before the summer without the kids at home full time.
It wasn't supposed to be, but Coco has a fever today.
I took advantage of that day by getting my teeth cleaned. (Is it an insult or compliment if the dentist says she might be able to let me be the test subject for a new kind of bleach?)
Then I got some new clothes (psst, don't tell).
And finally had lunch at a bar on Prince Street. The bartender was overly flirtatious and friendly and inquisitive and pushy. He exhibited none of these characteristics to me, personally, probably because I just sat down to read and ignored him - wait; maybe that's why my beer was flat. But listening to and surreptitiously watching him I realized he was revelling in his inoffical role as "New York City Charm" to all the tourists because he always brought out the phrase, "so, where are you from?" followed by a tenuous connection to a more-or-less current news story. Good times.
The biggest Wow-moment for me, though, was when a family of three came in. Dad: short, balding, glasses. Mom: about the same size, poorly cut and colored hair. Son: probably 12.
The bartender established that they were from Finland and promptly had nothing to say. Finland stays out of the news, I think.
The man wanted a local draft (or draught, rauther) beer and the bartender poured him a taste of something (New York City Charm). The man approved and ordered a glass. The mom and son sat at a table while the pocket Napoleon had his beer at the bar. Then he paid and they all left.
What the...?!?

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Rebecca said...

Philipp! How wonderful to cross paths with you in this new and bloggier way! I want to get a'hold of you but don't know how to do that in this venue, nor to pass you my digits in any non-public way...

Same phone number as when you were editing my book, if that helps.

Ah, here we number is 888.327.8880, ext 11 and I'll be in on Monday. If any of your readers run general agencies specializing in marketing to insurance brokers who sell group employee benefit plans, they can call too...

Peace and love,
Rebecca Smith