Thursday, September 11, 2008


Found out today that Madge is tired of Coco always having friends over. To me, little kids are little kids, no matter if they're nine or five (it just occurred to me that I have a "nine and five" job).
But to Madge, little little kids are annoying and she'd rather just have big little kids (and Coco). Apparently, the other day got too panicky for her, when there were three wee boys and one older brother (but still wee to Madge).
I always figure, the more the merrier, since I don't need to be as much of a constant cruise director and more or an occasional referee.
So now we're trying to work out a playdate schedule. They each get a separate day and one overlapping one. Then there are two days "off." We'll see how it works.

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Anonymous said...

Good luck, hope it works out. Granny