Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Coco Tuesday

This morning Coco reported that bossing your dreams around works.
Who knew?

When I picked him up from school he was upset with me. He pulled me aside and lifted up his shirt. And there it was: an unbuttoned fly. Zipped, but not fastened at the top. Apparently I had overlooked it in the morning and a whole day of near exposure and shame followed.
Nobody noticed, of course. And he, himself, didn't notice until later in the day - presumably during a trip to the potty. But still. It was something to be upset about.

Later that evening the kids had dinner on the balcony since we finally changed the balcony's function from storage to balcony proper by getting rid of bulky Fisher Price toys and Barbie furniture.
Now I just need to wait for more rains so I can scrub the floor without the downstairs neighbors noticing the dirty downpour.

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Anonymous said...

And he's not on good enough terms with his teacher to ask her " I can't get the button buttoned can you help me, please" Poor Coco, now it's probably back to pants with elastic around the top, no button problem. Granny