Thursday, September 04, 2008

dance party

I don't know how to do it justice, but...
While Madge had a playdate with her best friend, the little sister was at our place, to play with Coco. She's half a year older, but a grade ahead, but mostly they get along and play well.
As often happens, my iPod was merrily playing away on its docking station and the kids were happily ignoring the boring old-fart music.

Until this song (Xica da Silva) by Jorge Benjor came on and the BestFriendLittleSister started dancing like oh-so-many stoned girls in Golden Gate Park's panhandle. Then Avril Lavigne came on and she stopped. I couldn't believe it, so I went scientific and experimented by repeating Xica da Silva. And, sure enough. She closed her eyes again, had a beatific half-smile and waved her arms over her head while gently undulating. And, to top it off, Coco started dancing, too. Some abbreviated breakdance moves, meaning that he indicated somersaults by kneeling and putting his head down and turning.
And when Avril Lavigne came up again, they stopped.
I wanted to a) laugh and b) get the camera, but I knew both would spoil it.
Maybe next time.

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