Monday, May 14, 2007

Madge Monday

GrandJohn visited over the weekend, which was lovely.
Madge was all over his belt attachments, one of which is a step-counter, the other, a fancy phone. On which Madge discovered the camera and games almost immediately.
To get her away from the phone and to pacify her while the battery was charging, we taught her how to play solitaire with real cards. Ooooooh.
She actually likes it. Yay, us. It seems a much more soothing game when the player is not sitting hunched in front of a screen with a hand perched over a mouse pad.
Same somewhat brainless game, but a whole different mood.
Went to Hoyle and learned a new Solitaire game called Accordion. Fun, mostly because you’re not planning and hoping so much (“a red six would open up this pile which would uncover a space so I can move over a king and finally get at the stack I haven’t been able to…”), but rather watching how the rules of the game and the rules of chance interact.
Try it.

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