Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Coco Tuesday

Coco exposed some marketing the other day. (“Marketing,” I just realized, seems to mean “lying for the sake of selling something” to me.) He asked me to get some “yummy cheese” while he was at school. I told this to Juan (the awesome cheese guy). “Coco has requested me to get some ‘yummy cheese,’” I said.
We both chuckled.
Then Juan got a cheese off the shelf, the same he usually gets when “yummy” is requested. A Pyrenean cheese called Istara (sometimes he chooses Etorki, which is similar in provenance and flavor).
What are the other cheeses there for? They’re obviously not “yummy.”
Or, conversely (since I’m guessing at possible responses), what’s the point in “acquiring” a taste?

1 comment:

green clementine said...

oooh, Basque cheese, now you're talking! I agree it is a yummy cheese.