Friday, May 18, 2007

life lessons

Subbing yesterday reminded me of the previous time I subbed and was subjected to cruel and unusual punishment: career day.
I ask you, what is more humbling than to be babysitting a group of resentful teenagers and then be lectured on boundless career opportunities?
Maybe being Ms Hilton’s parole officer. But only maybe.
Anyway, one of the orators was from People magazine, which got due applause, since it appeals to the students’ scholastic intellect. But the person giving the speech sent the wrong message, inadvertently, I’m sure. See, she was pregnant. And, while she rattled off her career in a monotone (IwenttocollegeandgotajobsellingadvertisingwhichInowdoforpeoplemagazine), she positively beamed while talking about her burgeoning belly.
The message: blahblahcareer, but you’re not fulfilled unless you have a bun in the oven. So, teenage girls, go out and do … what, again?

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