Tuesday, October 06, 2009

ooh, almost forgot

today's birthday poem.
The poet is Turkish, Ayten Mutlu, and the lines might have lost something in translation. - You know what? I take that back. They might have even gained something in translation, if only several billion potential readers.

The Hierarchy of Concepts

When the Abstract Concepts sit down to eat,
The Passions argue about veggies and meat,
While Intellect grumbles,
"Pipe down, sit on your a posterioris,
and tell each other meaningless stories.
I want to reach beyond all your vainglories
and hang out with the two a prioris."
But Intellect notes
Space drifting,
tapping his feet,
and nodding his head to an unheard beat,
And Time sitting proudly in a corner seat.

Yikes, that was hard. Feel free to guess the source line in the comments.

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