Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Library Background

Yep, the kids have graduated from the laser background on the school pictures.
Julie's out of town, so the posts will be a bit more detailed. Good for everyone except my fingers.
On Monday, I successfully got a white button shirt and a striped clip-on tie for Coco, just as he wished. This morning, the shirt was a bit big, but his old one was way too small, so we rolled up the sleeves and clipped on the tie and were good to go. Or so I thought until he walked around for a bit and realized how uncomfortable it was to actually wear these clothes. So we dumped them and looked or something else and something else and something else and finally chose a red shirt.
This red shirt is meaningless to most of you, but Julie knows this is the exact red shirt we had to buy for the last set of pictures. It's red and has no logos or insignia, but because those are hard to find, it, too, is too big. Or rather was, as now the sleeves merely approach his elbows - rather than cover them - and we were good to go.
So there's still hope for the white shirt and tie.
And Madge (yesterday) merely tortured me by asking "which shirt?" and then not liking my response. I've learned enough to not change my response and stick to my admittedly low-caliber guns, but at least I wasn't accused of changing my mind just to please her.
Please put in your requests for copies of the pictures now.
For a a wallet-sized picture, send in, oh, I don't know, $59.95 for each child.

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