Tuesday, April 21, 2009

oops, no notes

Of course we did stuff today, but I wasn't keeping track. No super cuteness that needed to be written down. A special treat was that we got to talk to Julie on the phone - thanks, Caroline, for lending Julie your phone!
Coco made up some French sounding stuff ("bonzoo") on the phone, which was confusing to all parties involved. Then he wrote a note which we had to put in an envelope. I'm glad I could convince him not to send it off or it would probably be lost.
Oh, yes. No TV week. I got some markers today. The smelly kind. You know, not the intoxicating ones, but the ones that smell like fake fruit. Sure enough, the pink one made Madge think of penicillin. But we have some new drawings on the wall now.
No, we didn't color the walls.

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Julie said...

Tell Coco I said "bonzoo" right back and I can't wait to read the letter.