Sunday, April 19, 2009

"lazy" Sunday

Neighbor boy came over and we watched an animated X-Men thingie.
After lunch, neighbor girl (gotta think of pseudonyms, I think) came over. New haircut, cute. Madge was teaching her the Twilight characters' names off the poster. "Rose something" giggle "Jasper" yes "Isabelle Swan" giggle "Edward!"
Later we played with neighbor boy at playground. He's an only kid, so he does the infamous only/older rule-making and rule-adjusting, which got very frustrating for Coco. I tried to stay out of it and was sort of proud and sort of feeling bad for neighbor boy when Coco walked away from the whole situation.
Which isn't to say that Coco isn't the manipulation king or at least prime minister.
I handed out allowance today and he tried to give Madge a dollar in order to collect a ten from me.
After various frustrated and -ing attempts at an explanation, it turns out that it was his tenth dollar. He finally agreed he'd have to cough up all ten - and not to her, but to me - in order to get a Hamilton instead of Washington.
Now Coco is asleep in our bed so I won't be lonely, he says. I should teach him that Police song, the one that I'm always humming when Julie's out of town:

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