Monday, April 20, 2009

day two

Of course, now that mommy is out of town, it turns out that this is school's turn-off-your-tv week. Okay, it sounds like I'm complaining, but really, other than me needing to be a bit more of a cruise director, it leaves the kids in a better mood, so it's a good thing. The heavy rains, however, are another story.
This morning we didn't know about the no-tv thing yet, so we were watching SpongeBob in which he said it was his best day ever (not the episode with the song, though; he says it a lot).
Coco said, "Saturday is the best day ever. That's when Mommy comes back."
We tried calling Mommy this afternoon (evening for her). It's hard to coordinate the timing because she's busy. Sure enough, Le Front Desk Guy (that's what they call a concierge in France) said that she had stepped out. When I hung up, Madge said, "I didn't know you could speak French so well." She was impressed that I never switched to English. Which is sweet, but it sounded like she's been trying to speak French with me for a few years now and has only been holding back because she figured I wasn't very good at it.


Anonymous said...

Tell Madge the story of when we went to France and Nati ALWAYS sent you into hotels to ask if any rooms were free and how expensive they were. Remember???? you must have been in 7th or 8th grade.

Goedi said...

I do remember. This was before I had taken any French in high school, so before 7th or 8th grade, because I just memorized what she said.
I also remember something about a hotel with a ping pong table, but no more than that.