Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Madge Monday

Madge has been delightful lately, so I don’t really have any good Madge things to relate.
She recently scrounged together twenty dollars so she could buy herself a computer game. I have more coins now than I know what to do with. So I put them in the “shouting” jar, something we instituted so the kids would feel a monetary pain for whenever they raise their voices, but it turns out that Julie and I now can no longer afford any non-necessities. The coins started off in the shouting jar, but Coco took them out and recycled them to Madge’s piggy bank, so I have no idea where the cash is right now.
I’m sure it’s redolent of some sort of governmental fiscal scheme, but I’m not sure which.

“Redolent,” jeez. See what happens when Julie’s out of town for a few days?

Here’s something else I’d never say when I have her to talk me down from my flights of cleverness:
I just hope our jolie fille sans s’il-vous-plait doesn’t turn into a belle dame sans merci.

But there you go. Have fun figuring out what I’m trying to say.


Julie said...

I thought redolent meant "stinky". As in, your shoes are redolent of nasty fontina cheese.

I guess I do dumb things down, don't I?

Goedi said...

If I say you dumb things up, will that be taken the wrong way?
(Of course it will, that's the basis of marriage.)

And, in response to a brief email chat with an in-law, here's a handy link: http://www.bartleby.com/126/55.html