Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Foundling Wheel story

Something else to think about:

Updating an Old Way to Leave the Baby on the Doorstep

And, again, I found some inconsistencies (arising, I think, from quoting out of context or perhaps a mistranslation). First I found this and wanted to post it so Julie could get her bile exercised – that’s what I’m there for, after all.

The boy, who was named Stefano by the hospital team after the medic on call that night, was dressed in clean clothes and seemed to have been breast-fed, Dr. Paolillo said, because he at first refused a bottle.
“It seems he was loved until that moment,” he added.

But before you start writing angry letters to Dr. Paolillo, he says this at another point in the article.

The discovery of an infant girl on the bed of a truck in July 2005 inspired Dr. Paolillo to create the Casilino cradle, which cost about $52,000. “It was obvious that the mother of that child wanted a better life for her,” he said, noting that the baby had been bathed and wrapped in a cloth to keep her warm. “Often, there is an act of love behind abandonment.”

Foundling Wheels, hunh. A night-drop box for babies. Imagine.

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