Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Coco Tuesday

Sometimes I feel sorry for the cat, but then he’ll do something that makes me think he deserves what he gets.
Why write this on a Coco Tuesday? Because Coco is the prime enforcer of all things Baci. He lives for squirting the cat, even after the cat has already gotten off the table or counter or stove or wherever he’s not supposed to be. The cat, I assume, by now believes his name not to be Baci Kitty-Cat Boom-Bang, but Baci Get-Off-The-Table.
The silly cat happens to be curious about the bubbles the kids create in the bath and the kids help him out by having soap-ball fights. Yesterday, Coco topped the whole thing off by picking up the cat (after the kids had gotten out of the tub but before I had a chance to drain it) and throwing him in the water.
Ack. (More money in the shouting jar from me.)
But as soon as he’s dry, who does the cat snuggle up to?
I should just stay out of things.

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