Thursday, March 04, 2010

the star of the show

I had a lovely talk with Madge while walking to and from the library last week. Getting her away from distractions like books, screens, and little brothers is the best way to hang out with her. She was fun and silly and open and all those lovely things.
We got to talking about how everyone is the star of the show of their life and other people only have walk-on parts and that we're a walk-on part in the life of almost everyone we see. And not even credited.
Because for me, my life, apparently, is either a movie or a sitcom, not sure which.
Then she said, "Yeah, or my life's a video game and I get to choose everything."
And I said to myself, hang on, your life is a video game?
But of course it is, and for the next generation their life is going to be an iPhone app.
What does this mean for previous generations? Were their lives radio dramas, novels? And earlier than that, my life: the epic poem? My life: the sermon?
But now that it's tax season, it's more like My life: the line item on Schedule F.

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