Friday, March 05, 2010

family friday shocker

That's the day of the month when parents get to go into the kids' classrooms to see what they're up to.
Coco had writing samples for me to read. Great stuff, really. He seems to be excited about writing because on almost every page he continues past the given lines and writes on the back of the pages. Highly enjoyable.
He still writes things phonetically, so sumtims its a littul hard to figyur owt whut his ritting.
One of his pieces was about "sludding" in the park. The hill needed a bump to be more "iksiting." To his surprise, luckily, "I saw a rape!"
Holy sh*t, I thought, choking and laughing at the same time, what am I introducing him to?
Where was I in all this?
Then I realized that it was his way of writing "ramp."

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