Tuesday, March 16, 2010

sorry, daddy

Last week's Economist has a cover story of a strong Germany in Europe, perhaps implying that this might be a bad thing. Hm. Wonder why?
In unrelated news, Madge is reading historical fiction in her class and every once in a while they talk about the persecution of the Jews.
It's cute in the sense that every time she talks about it she pauses and shrugs before she says, "Nazis" or "Germans." It's cute because she's essentially apologizing to me for bringing up what she fears might be a shameful event in my personal past.
Whereas when they were talking about slavery, she was mostly indignant when talking about it.
Am I to feel more guilty for Germany's history than the U.S.'s? Or is it because it's more recent?
But I'm just being flip. I know she feels bad that it's all anyone over here ever thinks of when the words "Germany" or "Nazis" arise.
Velkomm to ze Klabb.

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