Thursday, January 28, 2010

Hairdresser and Me

I don't seem to be physically appealing to too many people.
Wait. Stop. Let me rephrase that.
I am totally clueless about how physically appealing I might or might not be to most people. I'm not fishing for compliments, though it really sounds like it right now.
Occasionally it's glaringly obvious, though. For instance when I got my haircut and my "stylist" was sweeping up, he said, "What should I do with all this hair? Maybe I should sell it. Maybe I should make a Philipp doll."
And I said, "Yeah, like a voodoo doll. I'll be walking along and, OW! Who did that?"
He laughed and then he stopped laughing and then he gave me a once over and laughed in a different way.
Let me just say it made me miss living in San Francisco.


Karenn said...

Please come visit me in Charleston -- we could have all kinds of fun together!

Anonymous said...

of course you are appealing, always have been- always will be to ALL of those that love you. Mama