Thursday, January 14, 2010

Fun with first grade dictation

Coco has dictation homework.
I've noticed lately that the sentences sound like some Cold War spy code, and we've started reading them like that.
It's my free parenting tip to you. Makes it more exciting, especially if you make your kid write it like it's a secret and you keep looking furtively over your shoulders as you're whispering the sentences.
For example (these are from his homework):

The kids will nap on the cot. I repeat: on the cot.
The shells are red. I repeat: The SHELLS are red.
The dogs have been fed. The DOGS have been FED.

And yesterday I added the flourish that, when I see him crossing out a word, I jump up and shout, "Abort! Abort!" and run away.
Ah, good times.

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Anonymous said...

Oh man, still laughing at this one. Surely one of best parenting tips I've heard - it's all the funnier because I can picture you running halfway down the corridor after "Abort, abort.."

This entry ranks up high, right there with Ernie being asked what his costume is for Halloween. Neli is still telling this to her friends.

Viele Grüße vom Ku'damm, Hasi!!