Monday, January 25, 2010

Granny Fleece Nose Shock

That's the note on my desk reminding me to write something about the gift that keeps on giving.
Julie got a fleece jacket from my mom for Xmas and likes to wear it around the house to keep warm.
This is well and good, except when I try to kiss her: invariably it results in a quick zap between the tips of our noses.
Interpretation A: My mom has hatched an evil long-distance plan to interfere with our kissing.
Interpretation B: It's not the fleece. We've still got the spark, baby!
(I prefer B)


JOAnn said...

I prefer to think it's "B" too. You've always been my favorite couple! love you both, JoAnn

Anonymous said...

Of course it is "B" what else. Mama