Friday, July 04, 2008

more reading aloud

By the beard of the prophet, this book choosing isn't going my way, I think.
We finished Tom Sawyer just in time to coax the kids to explore Tom Sawyer Island in Disneyworld. (See, contrary to popular opinion, I can plan ahead.)
So I picked Arabian Nights to read aloud. The Richard Burton translation - no, not that Richard Burton.
Anyway, if you've read it, your gasp is justified.
It starts out with concubines and fornication with blackamoors and subsequent betrayals and robbing of maidenheads followed by decapitation of the deflowered brides.
And then, finally, Sheherazade steps up to save the day - or night, rather. I couldn't wait to meet her.
Let's just say that I mumbled a lot during the opening chapter.

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