Friday, July 18, 2008


Oh, boy, I feel bad.
On our way back from the pool, a car stopped and asked us for directions. I had (and still have) no idea where the Day's Inn is, but when they said, "Carroll Street," I jumped into action. But here's the problem: although the actual street named Carroll Street was just a block away at the time, for some reason my citified mind was thinking of the Carroll Street subway stop and I send them about a mile away, which got extra complicated because some streets don't cross the canal, so you'll have go to the next light and then turn right and then after the canal you can turn right again and you'll see it soon.
After they drove off I realized what I had done and said to Madge, "They said Carroll Street, didn't they?"
And she said, "Yes. I was wondering why you sent them so far away."
But then the car turned left at the light, not right, and it all didn't matter anyway.

I wonder if that might be some broader (or deeper) allegory, right there.

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