Monday, April 14, 2008

Madge Monday

Poor Madge. First she didn't get to have her playdate yesterday because her friend was being punished and then she was actually sick today. More or less. Fever. Cough. Aches. Nothing major, though. So we got on one another's nerves and watched a lot TV and got frustrated with Coco together, mostly because he was getting antsy in the apartment.
Madge is rather cute when sick, though, because she is a little subdued and more willing to be cuddled.

It's weird how kids grow. They sometimes sit together on the couch, watching TV, huddled under a blanket. Now, though, when Madge moves too much, Coco falls to the floor. And, when I'm especially lucky, spills the popcorn.

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Anonymous said...

Hope Madge Pie is feeling better today, Tuesday. When Madge is sick does that mean Coco does not go to school on that day?? Mama