Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Madge Monday

I was noodling around on the guitar the other day, still trying to figure out what to play for Coco's class if they can ever decide on a day. I was plunking out the different Willie Nelson songs I know (on guitar - so far) and asked Madge which was her favorite: Sad Songs and Waltzes (Aren't Selling This Year), Undo the Right, or A Moment Isn't Very Long. (The only song among these that has more than I-IV-V chords is Sad Songs And Waltzes, which has V/V. Ooooh.)
Guess which one is her favorite.
Hint: It's the one that reveals most about her personality.

If you can’t say you love me
Say you hate me
And that you regret each time you held me tight
If you can’t be mine forever
Then forsake me
If you can’t undo the wrong, undo the right

It was right when you
Loved me only
And wrong when you held another tight
So before you go away
And leave me lonely:
If you can’t undo the wrong, undo the right

It’s too late to say your heart is filled with sorrow
You can’t undo what’s done, why do you try
So please help me to face
The new tomorrows
If you can’t undo the wrong, undo the right.

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