Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Coco Tuesday

Am I pushing the kids too much too soon?
You be the judge.
I got a size 3 soccer ball because they expressed an interest in playing soccer and I could tell that a full-sized (size 5, in case you care) ball would be too big.
We were playing today and I was fairly far away from them (with the ball). So I said, "Who wants the ball at their head?"
Knowing, of course, that few joys are as great as pushing down a header in just the right way.
And I was really excited, too, when Coco looked up. So I let the ball sail at him, and it was beautiful. A lovely banana curve right at his noggin.
Unfortunately I hadn't taught him about using the forhead and pushing it down and all that lovely stuff. I thought it was instinct.
But no. Instinct is getting smacked in the face (on the cheek that had only a few hours before recuperated from novocaine) and crying and coming at daddy with claws and spitting and finally throwing the ball at daddy over and over again.
Luckily, he's not the grudge-bearing child.

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