Wednesday, February 13, 2008


One of the reasons I found Madge's question yesterday so overwhelming is this.
Just after she had put on the snow pants (snowboard pants, technically), I had looked at her and thought, "cute, she's got a bit of a tushie in this thing." So her timing of the question was really superb. Because, really, whenever someone asks the question, the honest answer is usually yes, if not "what do mean, these pants?"
And then, of course, Madge was amazed that I ran to my desk to jot down some notes so I wouldn't forget the date or the question. And afterwards she kept peppering me with, "You mean all women ask this?"

It's a good thing, by the way, that we took the sled out again yesterday, because the snow has already disappeared. I'm feeling ripped off here in New York.

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Anonymous said...

Why ripped off? you never had snow in California or are you thinking of your freezing in Minn. or your childhood in Germany.