Saturday, December 15, 2007

Hide and Oops

Let's just say that playing hide and seek can be lots of fun, but can become uncomfortable when it is played in a very small apartment in the few days before Christmas.

On a similar note, I was guilty this the other week when we were at a playdate and the host had dressed as a pirate and I joined in the fun by being First Mate Snoop:
"Well, harrr, let's see what's in this treasure chest. A bunch of blankets and ... [closes lid hastily] more blankets."

When I retold this awkward moment to the host kid's mom (who was absent from the playdate), I tried to talk around the fact that I found presents and referred merely to hidden treats. To which she replied, "Oh, my mom stays here a lot and she's a big pothead."

This was one of the rare situations in which I enjoyed being misunderstood.


Amaroq said...

Enjoyed the stories, I wonder what kinda stories you are going to have after the upcoming holidays.

Trent said...

Me too--I'm really enjoying the blog, Philipp! Feels like I owe you a lot of information, though.