Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Coco Tuesday

This weekend we got our tree. I put up the lights with Madge's help and Julie's supervision, which was very generous, as the lights are far from even. Then we took a little break. But while we weren't looking, our little elf started taking out some ornaments and gently placing them on the branches. He was in his own little world, awesome to watch. (Madge, of course, pitched in as soon as she noticed and the two of them had the tree done in no time.)

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Anonymous said...

Isn't it so much fun to watch! And then when company comes they say "how come there are so many oraments on the bottom and none on the top?" Our tree decorating will be done this coming Sunday and now with Pepe the oraments will be half way up the tree, but then there's Jannik and Dario so some will make it to the top. Tina and Papa are still responsible for the lights.