Thursday, June 21, 2007

Response to Comments

Oooh. Comments. I love comments.
But since I fear nobody goes back to reread and see if I've commented on the comments, here is a separate entry.
The term defined by the Evanses, by the way, is "Pickwickian sense."
Now, of course, I'll have to use it in regular conversation.
As in,
Waiter: Are you still working on that?
Me: Yes, but only in a Pickwickian sense.
And then I'll laugh and Julie will roll her eyes.
This being New York, the actor-waiter will meanwhile have flashed a vacant smile and wandered off. The bus-person will have shyly refilled the water glasses and said, "Esscuse me, ees a cliche, no?"

And, hey, teacherAna, if you really want it, let me know. I still haven't worked through my Fowler (i.e., A Dictionary of Modern English Usage) for which I paid good money and to which I ought to refer first, anyway. And which, if you're nerdy like me, is a trove of good, clean fun.

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teacher Ana said...

I do enjoy such things, but I don't want to be the person who takes such things from others who enjoy such things. So, if you so happen to not have room on your book shelf, and that book so happens to be the one book you want to place on Park Slope sidewalks, and that "sidwalk" happens to be my classroom, than I just scored a cool find!